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3 Luxury Silk Scrunchies

3 Luxury Silk Scrunchies

22 Momme Mulberry Silk Scrunchies 

1. Silk scrunchies keep your hair soft and moisturised
Silk material soaks up less oils, product and moisture than regular cotton hair ties. Leaving you with visibly soft hair 
2. Silk prevents hair breakage
Silks smooth texture lets your hair glide over it with little to no friction. So, no snags, no tangles, no pieces of hair stuck inside. And your hair stays frizz free. 
3. Doesn't cause hair crinkles 
Taking your hair down and finding that it has all those indents will be a thing of the past! Silk soft material keeps your hair crinkle free.
4. They are super stretchy - at least ours are
Our Deluxe Silk Scrunchies have super stretchy elastic, making it easy for everyone with fine to thick hair to easily tie their hair up in a bun, puff or ponytail with just one or two wraps. 
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